Agario Unblocked Private Server – AgarLIVE

Meet agario private server, one of the fantastic agario unblocked io games. As it is simple and fun, many players like agar io very much. The main rule of the game is that bigger blobs can eat small blobs but small blobs can’t eat bigger blobs. So, players try to grow their blobs by eating blobs and then eating other blobs. There are also viruses on the playground and they shouldn’t be touched. Otherwise, blobs that touch them can explode if their size is bigger. Splitting blob into two parts can be necessary in order to move faster and escape from big blobs. If you haven’t tried agario, one of the greatest unblocked io games, you should try it. There are thousands of players who like this game very much. You start the game with a small blob. Move it around the playground, find some pellets to eat and grow it. While you get bigger, you can also eat smaller blobs. Note that bigger blobs will try to attack you and you need to keep away from them. You can split your blob and give them some piece to eat or you can feed viruses to explode them. Have a nice play!

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